Digital Services:  Partnership with the electrical trade   

From customer consulting and planning to grant applications

  • ViShare tariff calculator: With just a few entries, you can calculate your individual monthly ViShare contribution.
  • E-Planner: Free planning tool for electric underfloor heating and other heat generators
  • FörderProfi: Complete service from application to payment
  • ViBooks - the central document search

Whenever electricity and heating come together – Viessmann has a convincing solution. The same applies to the practical digital service tools, which support the electrician in advising customers, in planning and implementing system technology and in applying for government subsidies.

ViShare Tariff Calculator

The ViShare Energy Community is an association of energy-producing and energy-consuming households and decentralized, CO₂-neutral power plants. ViShare thus enables the exchange of electricity within the community in order to keep electricity production and consumption in households cost-neutral. Additional CO₂-neutral energy sources cover the additional energy needs of the community. Thus its members become more independent of rising electricity prices and say goodbye completely to fossil energy sources.

With the ViShare tariff calculator (, an easy-to-use online tool is available for the consulting tradesman and the end customer, which calculates the individual monthly ViShare fee with just a few entries. For example, the existing or planned components of the energy system can be selected at the click of a mouse, and the size of the Vitovolt photovoltaic system and any Vitocharge electricity storage unit to be installed can be specified. In addition, there is only information on the annual electricity requirement of the household, the electricity consumption of the heat pump and the location of the system. The result is output within seconds. As an advisor to his customer, the specialist tradesman thus has a strong sales argument in his hand practically immediately.


For time-saving and simple planning of Vitoplanar underfloor heating systems, the free E-Planner is now available on the Internet ( With just a few entries, an individual installation plan including parts list can be created - if required also with additional components such as infrared heaters, wall convectors and electric rapid heaters.

The selection of the floor plans, the definition of the room dimensions as well as the furnishings is done by simply moving the individual elements with a mouse click. The laying direction and wall distance are then defined in the laying view. The result includes the number, designation and size of the recommended underfloor heating mats. The result of the individual installation planning is a parts list with all necessary data and a drawing. The parts list contains all gross prices and the total amount for the underfloor heating for time-saving calculation and rapid submission of offers. The complete planning documents can be printed out directly and saved as a PDF file on the planner's PC.


Homeowners who opt for a Vitocal heat pump or a Vitovalor fuel cell heating unit when modernising their heating system receive extremely attractive subsidies from the state. If only the application process weren't so complicated and time-consuming. The Viessmann FörderProfi ( now relieves specialist craftsmen and owners of this tiresome work.

A quick check is carried out free of charge to check whether a system is basically eligible for funding. The answer as to whether the new system is eligible will be sent by e-mail within a short time. If the result is positive, the funding professional takes over the entire process for a small fee - from the application to the funding agency to the payment of the money. The entire procedure is handled online.

The FörderProfi takes into account BAFA's state support programmes, "Measures for the Use of Renewable Energies in the Heating Market" (Market Incentive Programme) and "Guideline for the Promotion of Accelerated Modernisation of Heating Systems Using Renewable Energies" (Energy Efficiency Incentive Programme - APEE). This also includes some KfW programmes from the federal government's CO₂ building renovation programme.


With the online tool ViBooks, the skilled craftsman gets all the information required for his work directly into his office and on the construction site. ViBooks is the central document search with more than 20,000 stored documents. The database contains planning, assembly and service instructions, data and price sheets, marketing printed matter and much more. Viessmann market partners can reach ViBooks via the closed user group on the Internet:

Advantages for the market partners

  • Time-saving and convenient support through easy-to-use online tools
  • Strong sales arguments through exact cost calculation (ViShare)
  • Quick and easy planning of electrical underfloor heating systems with output of all documents (E-Planner)
  • Complete processing of grant applications without annoying paperwork (FörderProfi)
  • Free access to planning, assembly and service instructions, as well as data and price sheets.

November 2018


Mit ViBooks hat der Viessmann Fachpartner kostenlosen Zugriff auf 20.000 Planungs-, Montage- und Serviceanleitungen sowie auf Daten- und Preisblätter.


Der Viessmann FörderProfi nimmt Fachhandwerkern die lästige Arbeit der Beantragung staatlicher Fördergelder ab, bis hin zur Auszahlung der Fördergelder.


Mit dem kostenfrei nutzbaren E-Planner von Viessmann lassen sich elektrische Fußbodenheizungen zeitsparend und einfach planen.


Mit dem ViShare Tarifrechner steht für den beratenden Fachhandwerker ein einfach zu bedienendes Online-Tool zur Verfügung, mit dem die individuellen Mitgliedsbeiträge für die ViShare Energy Community berechnet werden können.