Formula E: Exciting races and great atmosphere on the Tempelhof field

Formula E and the I-Pace eTrophy were guests in the German capital Berlin and "electrified" tens of thousands of fans - including several Viessmann partners. Mitch Evans took 12th place for Panasonic Jaguar Racing after fighting for podium positions in the meantime. Even further ahead was 27-year-old Celia Martin with her Jaguar I-Pace in 2nd place.

Spannende Überholmanöver in der Formel E

Saturday morning 8:30 a.m.: The long line of racing fans next to the memorial to the Airlift to Berlin at the main entrance to the former Tempelhof airport on Saturday morning shows the growing interest in the world's first all-electric racing series. Since its launch in September 2014, Formula E has made an annual stop in the world's major cities. In addition to locations in Asia, the pilots also fight for valuable championship points in Rome, Paris and Berlin. As in Formula 1, it's all about high speed, but not just that. Efficient use of the renewable electricity generated for the formula cars plays the most important role. When I use the extra boost in attack mode to overtake the competition is one of the important decisions the drivers have to make during the 45-minute race plus one lap. After activating the attack mode, the driver can have 200 kW plus 25 kW extra.

9:45 am: Qualifying for the race is in full swing, and the grandstands are filling up more and more with racing fans. The atmosphere is relaxed, many families cheer on their idols after having informed themselves about the most important news on the subject of e-mobility in the E-Village. There's a fragrant of bratwurst in the air, and of course there's no trace of exhaust fumes as at normal motorsport events. And instead of loud engine howls, the Formula E cars whiz by with a bright siren. The squeaking of the tires when braking onto one of the 10 curves on the round of the former airport is almost drowned out by the generator, which converts the braking energy back into electricity. Apropos airfield. In Tempelhof the Formula E cars drive on concrete and not on asphalt like during the city circuits. This makes the hustle and bustle around bends in Berlin all the more exciting as all drivers have to adjust to completely new driving characteristics.

11:45 am: Celia Martin, the pilot of the Viessmann branded I-Pace, is standing in front of running cameras - joint interview with Max Viessmann. This is the perfect opportunity for the Viessmann partners, some of whom have travelled far and wide, to take an exclusive look at the paddock. The orange shirts with Viessmann and Jaguar lettering are easy to recognise, and racing fans can now obtain first-hand information about the car, the track and the strategy. Qualifying went well for the 27-year-old Frenchwoman, who of course now wants to climb the podium. On the podium? No, all the way to the top of the podium, answers Celia Martin and smiles mischievously.

13 o'clock: The tension rises. At temperatures just below 20 degrees the 22 drivers from 11 teams line up for the starting grid. The fans applaud from the stands, flags of the brand teams are waved. And then it starts, the hunt for victory and points in the driver and team standings. On large screens the spectators don't miss any overtaking manoeuvres during the course of the track. Again and again there is applause from the scenes. Small children stand behind the safety barriers and film their mummy's or daddy's mobile phone, which takes place just a few metres away at a furious pace.

13:55: The first decision of the day has been made. Lucas di Grassi wins the Audi home game and scores 25 points, plus one for the fastest lap. This pushes him up to six points on Jean-Eric Vergne, who is leading the overall standings with 102 points.

14:20: After the first award ceremony of the day, there is now time to enjoy the atmosphere in the E-Village. Playgrounds for the little ones, coffee and cake for the big ones and, of course, lots of discussions about the race, successful overtaking manoeuvres or missed opportunities.

16:15: Congratulations to Celia Martin. In the eighth of 10 races, after a tough fight in the PRO-AM classification, she finished second.

6 p.m.: An exciting race day on the Tempelhof is drawing to a close. The fans stroll home across the terrain. And the teams pack their bags. Two more places and three races are on the agenda for Formula E. The last European race in Bern, Switzerland, and then the season finale with the traditional double race in New York.

I-Pace-Pilotin Celia Martin und Max Viessmann im Interview.