GridBox: Innovative Energy Monitoring

Keeping an eye on power consumption

Always keep an eye on household power consumption, as well as photovoltaic system and electricity storage system outputs: Viessmann GridBox makes this possible. It is a centralized unit that makes energy flows transparent and links electricity-based components. Thus, GridBox ideally supplements Viessmann system packages that consist of photovoltaic systems and electricity storage systems. At the same time, it serves as a basis for meeting the German Development Bank’s (KfW) 40 Plus standard and its large subsidy of up to 15,000 euros per residential unit.

Integration of additional system components possible

The web-based Energy Dashboard visualizes the photovoltaic system’s output, the charging status of the electricity storage system and household consumption. You can also integrate a heat pump, the Vitovalor fuel cell heating device or a charging station. The homeowner thus has an overview of all connected component statuses at a glance.

Any devices that may be defective or function improperly can be identified at any time. The reporting feature provides detailed information on consumption, electricity yields and the household’s use of self-generated electricity during the previous day, week, month or year, as desired.

Now with optimization functions and new home screen

Starting now, Viessmann GridBox offers a new home screen for a quick and compact overview, including details such as daily trends, weather forecasts, weekly reports, CO2 examination or savings tips.

Similarly, as of now, the Box offers initial optimization functions. These include, for example, reduction of losses due to curtailment of the photovoltaic system; such losses would otherwise arise if more solar power is generated than can be fed into the public grid at the time. 

Easy to install

GridBox can be installed easily using a router or switch (MAC bridge). Users can simply register it using the start code provided.

Advantages for trade partners

  • Holistic system solutions from a single source with perfectly matched components for electricity and heat

  • Higher-level online monitoring of the entire system consisting of a photovoltaic system, electricity storage system, heat pump or fuel cell heating device (optional) and other devices that consume power in the household

Advantages for homeowners

  • Clear visualization of energy flows in the electricity storage system, photovoltaic system and household consumption

  • Display of current output values, as well as level of self-sufficiency and energy mix
  • Optional connection of Viessmann heat pumps and fuel cell heating devices, as well as visualization of their consumption or power generation values
  • Rapid identification of defective or faulty devices and potential energy savings
  • Detailed reporting feature with energy balances based on the past day, week, month and year
  • Reduced losses due to curtailment
  • Basis for achieving the German Development Bank’s (KfW) 40 Plus subsidy
  • Web-based user interface for all Internet browsers
  • Online updates
  • Supports all inverter types in the Viessmann line of products

Delivery date

Viessmann GridBox is already on the market.

January 2020


Die webbasierte GridBox von Viessmann visualisiert die Leistung der Photovoltaik-Anlage, Stromspeicher sowie Stromverbräuche von Haushalt und Wärmeerzeugern.


Im neuen Homescreen der GridBox kann der Anwender alle wichtigen Informationen wie Wetter, CO2 Einsparung oder Einsparungen zur Vorwoche direkt auf einen Blick erfassen.


Die Viessmann GridBox wird einfach per über den Router oder Switch (Netzwerkweiche) installiert und findet die entsprechenden Geräte im Netzwerk automatisch.