microbEnergy GmbH: Solution concepts for regional energy system transformation challenges

A decentralised and renewable energy supply is an essential component that contributes to the success of the energy system transformation in Germany and to the protection of our environment. With this in mind, microbEnergy designs concepts for companies in the energy industry based on the conversion of hydrogen for storage in the natural gas grid (power to gas with biological methanisation).

Decentralised renewable energy supply is the aim

In Germany, many municipalities already independently supply themselves with renewable electricity and heat and attach importance to sustainable living spaces in rural and suburban areas. The local energy supply is often based on a biogas plant or a biomass combined heat and power plant that provides electricity and heat. In addition, other renewable energies such as photovoltaics, wind power and solar thermal energy are also used.

Alternative marketing opportunities to the EEG

The majority of the renewable energy plants installed in Germany are remunerated through feed-in tariffs guaranteed by the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) and are not marketed regionally. With the gradual end of the 20-year remuneration phase from 2021, investors and plant operators are faced with the decision of how to proceed with existing energy producers and consumers.

We develop new ways

An interesting alternative here could be the intelligent further use of the existing plants in a decentralised marketing concept and the development of regional sales potentials. Existing technologies such as smart meters, batteries and the power-to-gas or power-to-heat conversion processes can be used to address new energy markets and sectors. Our aim is to develop a decentralized marketing concept that makes economic sense, is regulatory, technically feasible and at the same time climate-friendly.

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