E-mobility will become key element of living spaces for generations to come

  • Representative survey shows current consumer needs
  • For over 80 percent the possibility to charge at home is most important condition for e-car purchase
  • Consumers want more independence from electricity suppliers

Allendorf (Eder), 05/27/2019 ⎼ E-car, yes, but where do I charge it? Whether at home or in public spaces, consumers in Germany attach importance to speed and convenience when "recharging". Also desired: sustainably produced electricity, preferably directly at home. But for many Germans, climate-friendly construction or modernization is an overburdening task, not least because of the confusing funding landscape.

This is the conclusion reached by Viessmann, one of the internationally leading manufacturers of energy systems, in a representative survey conducted by the research institute Innofact AG in May 2019. Just in time for this year's race of the FIA Formula E Championship in Berlin, the family-owned company and official technology partner of the Panasonic Jaguar Racing Team is looking at consumer needs for e-mobility and climate-friendly construction. Therefore e-mobility is an important component of the living spaces of future generations ⎼ especially in the cities. With the Integrated Viessmann Solution Offering, the necessary systems are already available today.

Integrierte Energiesysteme für das Zuhause ermöglichen eine klimaschonende und kostengünstig Strom- und Wärmeproduktion inklusive Ladeinfrastruktur für E-Fahrzeuge.

Lack of charging infrastructure and costs dampen buying interest

According to survey results, more than a quarter of Germans (27%) can imagine investing in their own e-car within the next six months. However, for 82 percent the ability to charge at home is a precondition for the purchase. This puts it well ahead of the charging stations at the workplace (61%). It is also very important for more than half of the respondents that their e-car is "filled up" exclusively with sustainably generated electricity. The infrastructure for a wallbox in combination with a system for generating one's own "green" electricity should therefore always be an integral part of building planning today.

Respondents cited the biggest hurdles to buying an e-car as being too high a cost (48%) with too low a range (40%). This is where Formula E comes into play. As a test laboratory for modern, highly efficient driving technology and its constant further development, it is an important engine for the mobility of the future. 

Integrated energy concepts for greater independence and climate protection

The acquisition costs of an electric car can be amortized within a few years if you use an integrated system for your own heat and power generation at home. Those who build or modernize their homes using the latest energy-efficient technologies can also achieve a degree of self-sufficiency of over 90 percent and thus become virtually independent of energy suppliers. This would correspond with the desire of over 50 percent of the respondents. If the electricity is produced, stored and returned to the right place at the right time ⎼ for example for charging the electric car ⎼ energy costs can be reduced to a minimum. In combination with the right funding, the financial advantage becomes even greater.

A smart energy concept at home makes an important contribution to resource conservation, CO2 reduction and thus climate protection. The fact that this is currently right at the top of the German agenda is shown by the expectations on the current European elections. In the survey conducted by Viessmann, around 40 percent of respondents stated that they would like engage more in climate protection and reduce the CO2 footprint of their homes.

The motivation to contribute to climate protection is great, but just as great is the uncertainty. According to the survey, modernization in alignment to modern environmental standards is an almost unsolvable task for 53 percent of Germans. In particular, the complex funding landscape in Germany is perceived as too confusing by 57 percent. Consumers want clarity and orientation. 

Clarity and orientation wanted for environmentally friendly construction

Gemeinsam mit den Partnern aus dem Fachhandwerk gestaltet Viessmann ein passgenaues Lösungspaket für jeden Anwendungsfall.

As a solution provider for the entire living space, Viessmann not only offers integrated solution packages for heat, electricity and mobility, but also, in close cooperation with its partners from the specialist trades, the corresponding advice and planning, including for the large number of possible funding. That way, a tailor-made solution can be found for every home. The Integrated Viessmann Solution Offering combines the broadest range of products and systems in the industry, digital services and all additional services for the intelligent home in a clear structure. Modern systems for resource-saving energy generation and utilization supply the home with heat and energy in a sustainable and cost-saving way while charging the electric car with green electricity.

Electricity and heat from a smart system are no longer dreams of the future. Let's do something for the living spaces of our children today!

The direct way to the perfect solution for your home: formulae.viessmann.de/consultation

More information on electricity and heat from your own power plant is available at: formulae.viessmann.de

May 2019


Integrierte Energiesysteme für das Zuhause ermöglichen eine klimaschonende und kostengünstig Strom- und Wärmeproduktion inklusive Ladeinfrastruktur für E-Fahrzeuge. / Integrated energy systems for the home enable climate-friendly and cost-effective production of electricity and heat, including the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.


Gemeinsam mit den Partnern aus dem Fachhandwerk gestaltet Viessmann ein passgenaues Lösungspaket für jeden Anwendungsfall. / Together with its partners from the specialist trades, Viessmann designs a tailor-made solution package for every use case.


Das Haus der Zukunft ist nachhaltig. Viessmann bietet alle Komponenten für ein smartes Eigenheim mit regenerativen Energien. / The house of the future is sustainable. Viessmann offers all the components for a smart home with renewable energies.