ViCare Smart Climate: New generation of app-based single-room control

Uncomplicated convenience

Comfortable temperatures individually set for every room, at the desired time: the new generation of ViCare Smart Climate solutions makes exceptional domestic comfort particularly easy to attain. The single-room control system features a modular design, is easy to install, and can be expanded to include further components at any time. Once installed, homeowners only need the ViCare app to set the correct temperature for each room. The investment is worthwhile, as the ViCare Smart Climate system makes it possible to save up to 15 percent on energy costs.

Individually expandable at any time

The modular design of the ViCare Smart Climate system means homeowners can adjust its configuration precisely according to their personal requirements. Take, for instance, a case where one room – the living room – is fitted with ViCare radiator thermostats to begin with. It will then be possible to integrate further rooms in the single-room control system at a later date, such as bedrooms or the children’s playroom. ViCare Smart Climate grows according to its users’ requirements.

ViCare radiator thermostats and ViCare climate sensors communicate wirelessly with the Internet interface. As a result, the system can be expanded at any time without the need to lay cables or wires. The new generation of Vitodens gas condensing boilers and the Vitovalor PT2 and PA2 fuel cell heating devices connect to the Internet using ZigBee, a commonly-used wireless standard for smart home networks. The Vitoconnect Internet interface, available as an accessory, makes it easy to connect floorstanding condensing boilers and heat pumps and to retrofit existing systems.

ViCare climate sensors for optimal room conditions

While the ViCare radiator thermostat measures and controls the temperature of a room according to the homeowner’s settings, the ViCare climate sensor ensures an optimal balance between warmth and humidity. To do so, it takes precise readings of the temperature and humidity. The sensor is powered by an integrated battery that can be charged via a USB-C connection. The very flat climate sensor can be installed by adhesive and magnetic means. 

Easy and convenient control using the ViCare app

As the online control center, the free ViCare app for iOS or Android mobile devices enables homeowners to control heat generators and single-room control systems with ease. The app makes it possible to set the temperature for each room individually. Time programs for heating and DHW generation help cut energy costs immensely. By directly connecting the heat generator to the system, fuel consumption and the yields from the solar heating system can be precisely calculated and displayed in a neatly arranged summary on the smartphone.

The ViCare app also works in the background to check the heating system’s operating status and, if the homeowner wishes, can automatically notify a specialist partner if any issues are detected. All homeowners need to do to activate this useful function is enter the email address of their chosen specialist company.

Design by Viessmann

ViCare Smart Climate solutions’ high-quality design is particularly impressive. That said, ViCare climate sensors and ViCare thermostats blend into the background and dutifully perform their work.

Advantages for trade partners

  • Efficiency, reliability and comfort from a single source

  • Easy to install in existing buildings thanks to wireless components
  • Easy to install and commission – no specialist knowledge of electronics required
  • Easy to integrate with a range of applications

Advantages for homeowners

  • Set individual rooms to desired temperatures

  • Save energy using demand-oriented time programs
  • Intuitive ViCare app provides high level of convenience
  • Can be combined with all Viessmann heat generators

Delivery date

The new generation of ViCare Smart Climate solutions will be available for delivery in late 2019.

February 2019


Mit der neuen Geräte-Generation der ViCare Smart Climate Lösungen von Viessmann ist maximaler Wohnkomfort jetzt besonders einfach zu haben.


Der ViCare Klimasensor ermöglicht die optimale Balance zwischen Wärme und Luftfeuchtigkeit, er erfasst dazu präzise beide Werte. 


Die ViCare Heizkörper-Thermostate kommunizieren über Funk mit der Internet-Schnittstelle im Wärmeerzeuger.