For generations to come – Viessmann and its partners take responsibility for living spaces

  • Strategic shift is working: Family business increases turnover by five percent – fuel cell heating builds on market success with sales doubled

  • 'Partners for generations to come': Viessmann strengthens close partnership with installers with joint growth strategy
  • Shift from pure heating manufacturer to integrated solution provider
  • New product generation and pioneering design language jointly developed with Viessmann partners
  • Responsibility for living spaces for future generations

Frankfurt, 11.3.2019 – Viessmann and its partners take responsibility for the living spaces of generations to come, strengthening the family business’s strategic shift from a heating manufacturer to a provider of integrated solutions for living spaces in their entirety. This realignment enables Viessmann to continue on its consistent growth course: following a strong anniversary year in 2017, sales rose again by some five percent to 2.5 billion euros in 2018.

As emphasized by Professor Dr. Martin Viessmann at the world's leading trade fair in our business, ISH Energy, the company is pressing ahead with its fundamental advancement in close cooperation with installers: "We will only enjoy success in the future, if we operate as a team, responsibly and with commitment today. And this cooperation over generations does not only apply to installers. It also applies to the people who use our solutions," says the Chairman of the Viessmann Group. "Anyone who replaces their heating system with a modern Viessmann solution will improve the carbon footprint of their family home by one metric ton per year on average. That's more than a tenth of Germany's annual emissions per capita." This amounts to 500,000 metric tons of CO2 savings every year worldwide. "In view of global CO2 emissions of more than 37 billion metric tons, there's still significant scope for improvement when it comes to climate protection. We and our partners will resolutely strengthen our contribution," says Professor Viessmann.

"Thinking responsibly for generations to come is in keeping with our self-image as a family business," says Max Viessmann, in the fourth generation as Co-CEO responsible for operations. "At the same time, it is imperative that we broaden the dimensions of our actions. After all, digitalization and energy transition represent the greatest opportunities in our more than 100-year company history. And we're going to make use of them."

In 2017, an anniversary year marked by new beginnings, the company reformulated its purpose and meaningful benefits: 'We create living spaces for generations to come.' Along with its partners, Viessmann designs living spaces – from comfortable homes and living together in neighborhoods and cities to solutions that in a global context make a positive contribution to achieving climate targets and the sustainable protection of our planet. The new corporate strategy envisages developing seamless climate solutions with the help of the right energy source – as a basis for sustainable joint growth with the partners.

Strategic shift is working: Viessmann grows by five percent

The figures for the 2018 financial year demonstrate that the realignment is working. The start of the second century in the company's history saw the Viessmann Group increase sales by some five percent to 2.5 billion euros, despite the sale of the foundry WESO Aurorahütte.
  • Business in the domestic market, Germany, was especially good with an increase of more than six percent in the core area of Climate Solutions.
  • And in other countries, all key markets of the Viessmann Group also increased their sales, with double-digit growth recorded in Russia, Poland, Great Britain, Spain and on the North American continent. The only exception was Turkey, where sales were noticeably lower because of the sharp drop in the value of the Turkish lira.
  • As regards product segments, the trend toward high-efficiency heat pumps has continued, with sales increasing by about 20 percent in this segment. However, fuel cell heating enjoyed by far the strongest growth with sales doubling to well in excess of 2,000 units, meaning Viessmann has succeeded in establishing this highly innovative technology on the market.
  • Despite the sale of WESO, the number of staff members at Viessmann remained largely unchanged at 12,000. In total, more than 1,600 new employees have been hired.
After a good start to the year, Viessmann is planning further solid growth for the Group. At the same time, the company is, among other things, comprehensively involving its specialist trade partners in the advancement of the cooperation and the right solution offering.

Joint growth strategy in close cooperation with partners

Viessmann has been closely associated with installers for generations. 2018 saw installation firms recognize the company as specialist partner of the year for the 15th time in a row. To strengthen this special cooperation further, Viessmann and the installers have resolutely pressed ahead with the joint growth strategy. For example, the new V+ partner platform is presented at the ISH to intensify exchanges and share knowledge on the key topics of digitalization, energy transition, skilled labor shortages and entrepreneurship. V+ itself was also developed in close consultation with installers, as were many other new products and services from Viessmann.

A solution provider responsible for the entire living space of people

They are part of the Integrated Viessmann Solution Offering which seamlessly links products and systems with digital services via connectivity and platforms.

The foundation is the end-to-end program for heating, cooling and ventilation in which Viessmann offers products and systems for the ideal room conditions in private, commercial and industrial environments, while integrating the right energy sources in each case. The areas of ventilation and air quality, which are needed in living spaces around the world and with which Viessmann will tap into new markets, are set to be expanded.

Essential to the Integrated Solution Offering is connectivity. Existing systems dating back to 2004 can be connected via Vitoconnect and the new product generation directly via 'Connectivity Inside'. This means that every Viessmann system is upgradable. Regardless of whether from Viessmann or from numerous other manufacturers, all the main home applications are intuitively networked via the wibutler platform.

Digital services complete the range of products and platforms on offer and assist users in controlling and specialist partners in starting up and servicing the systems, making them an indispensable part of the Viessmann Integrated Solution Offering. The ViCare app enables everyone to conveniently set the ideal room conditions via smartphone. Designed for installers are Vitoguide for online support and the brand new ViStart app for simple, fast and safe start-up-procedures.

The fourth level of the Integrated Solution Offering sees Viessmann provide an increasing number of value-added services. The first of those have already been successfully launched. Viessmann Wärme is the solution for those who don't want to buy a heating system. The digital FörderProfi (Subsidy Pro) helps in the struggle with German Development Bank (KfW) subsidy programs. And in the ViShare Energy Community, private electricity producers and consumers are brought together to actively and actively advance the energy transition. The contractual partner in the electricity tariffs of the ViShare Energy Community is Digital Energy Solutions GmbH & Co. KG.

New product design developed in close collaboration with partners

Of the new products, the highlight is the new generation of wall-mounted gas appliances co-created in close consultation with specialist installers. It is the pioneer of a completely new design language at Viessmann, with which the company once more sets standards and has already been recognized with the Design Plus Award and the IF Award. The clear form language follows a high level of functionality. A gas condensing system has never been easier to install, operate or maintain. All devices from the new generation come with integrated Wi-Fi and enable networked communication on a fully digital basis.

Viessmann makes another strong statement with the fuel cell heating system. The new natural gas-powered module Vitovalor PA2 is the perfect add-on for heating systems already installed in single-family homes and large residential buildings. Users can produce their own electricity and become less dependent on public power supply, and thus also on rising electricity prices.

Responsibility for future generations with a clear course

Accordingly, Viessmann is consistently pursuing its course of using the energy fuel sources to develop solutions for a successful energy transition. And this is within the framework of a clear, two-pronged approach involving efficiency and renewable energies. Among other things, the commitment to electricity-based systems is being expanded step by step, for example. A clear indication of this is the acquisition of a stake in Etherma, one of the leading companies in the field of electric heating systems.

And it is in this manner that Viessmann pursues the path toward preserving living spaces, in its entirety, for generations to come even more emphatically. A path upon which this family business embarked many decades ago with its partners.


Strategischer Wandel hin zu einem Anbieter integrierter Lösungen für den kompletten Lebensraum – das Viessmann Executive Board mit Joachim Janssen, Max Viessmann, Prof. Dr. Martin Viessmann und Dr. Ulrich Hüllmann (von links) zum Start der ISH 2019.


Der Viessmann Messestand auf der ISH 2019.