Viessmann at Intersolar Europe 2019: Creating and preserving living spaces for generations to come

  • Viessmann to attend Intersolar Europe in Munich from May 15-17, 2019 (Hall A3, Stand 280)
  • Transition from heating manufacturer to integrated systems provider underway
  • Vitovolt 300 photovoltaic modules come with 12-year product warranty and
  • 25-year output guarantee
  • wibutler pro: innovative cross-manufacturer smart home platform

Munich/Allendorf (Eder), 5/15/2019 – ‘Creating and preserving living spaces for generations to come’: this is the mission statement that guides Viessmann. The company is transforming itself from a heating manufacturer to become a provider of integrated solutions for heating and power. A decisive factor in this process is the new Integrated Viessmann Solution Offering, which uses connectivity and platforms to seamlessly combine products and systems with digital services. At the Intersolar Europe exhibition in Munich from May 15-17, 2019, Viessmann will present its integrated system solutions and a whole host of innovations in Hall A3, Stand 280.

GridBox: Innovative energy monitoring

The Viessmann GridBox means that homeowners can always keep one eye on household power consumption and the performance of their photovoltaic and electricity storage systems. As a centralized unit, it makes energy flows transparent and connects electrical components. The GridBox is therefore the perfect complement for Viessmann system packages, which consist of both photovoltaic and electricity storage systems. At the same time, it serves as a basis for meeting the KfW 40 Plus standard and obtaining the large subsidy of up to €15,000 per home.

High-yield Vitovolt 300 photovoltaic module with 12-year product warranty

The Vitovolt 300 range includes monocrystalline photovoltaic modules in a black design with a nominal output of up to 325 Wp and polycrystalline modules of 60 cells offering up to 285 Wp. The modules, which are suitable for installation in single-family homes, large residential buildings, and on commercial and industrial buildings, offer impressive output values, uncompromising quality and comprehensive product and output guarantees. Viessmann offers a 12-year product warranty for the modules as well as an output guarantee that they will operate to at least 80% of nominal output for 25 years. In addition, all modules have exclusively ‘plus’ output tolerances on delivery. This means that the actual output may be up to 5 Wp higher per module.

High use of self-generated energy with Vitoplanar and Vitotherm

To enable homeowners to use as much of the electricity generated by their Vitovolt 300 module as possible in their own home, we also offer electricity storage systems as well as electrical heating and DHW systems. These include, for example, Vitoplanar infrared and panel heaters, which are equally well suited for modernization projects and installation in new builds. Vitotherm wall-mounted electric water heaters offer another way to maximize the use of self-generated electricity, as does the Vitocal 262-A DHW heat pump. Both solutions heat drinking water to the desired temperature with a high degree of efficiency.

ViShare Energy Community: Flat rate now also for systems with a fuel cell heating device

Becoming independent from major energy suppliers and avoiding rising electricity prices is many homeowners’ dream – a dream that has now become reality. The ViShare Energy Community brings together private electricity producers and consumers to form a smart network in which they can all use the sustainable power they generate together. At the same time, each member personally contributes to the energy transition and climate protection. ViShare is now also the first community to offer operators of the Vitovalor fuel cell heating device the opportunity to become members – at individual, fixed conditions.

New fuel cell heating device for modernization and renovation

With the new Vitovalor PA2 fuel cell heating device, Viessmann is further expanding its range of power-generating heating systems. The Vitovalor PA2 is the perfect complement to existing heating systems in single-family homes and large residential buildings. It enables users to produce their own electricity, become less dependent on public power supplies and thereby avoid rising electricity prices.

Heat pump integration in wibutler pro smart home platform

Thanks to the wibutler pro smart home platform, it couldn’t be easier to enhance comfort, increase safety, save energy and enjoy entertainment. Whether lighting, security, air-conditioning or shading systems, wibutler pro links smart products from different manufacturers and allows users to control them via a single app. What’s more, brine/water and air/water heat pumps can now be integrated, markedly expanding the wibutler platform’s range of possibilities.

Power-to-gas with biological methanation

Power-to-gas is a key technology in the context of integrated energy and a powerful driving force in the energy transition. With this in mind, Viessmann subsidiary microbEnergy GmbH works to develop tailored solutions for companies in the energy industry, focused on regenerative and decentralized energy supplies. Taking the biological methanation process – which has already received numerous awards – as the basis for a power-to-gas system, microbEnergy has now developed a market-ready product to promote the energy transition. The Viessmann subsidiary will present site-specific concepts to convert hydrogen into methane and store it in the natural gas network at Viessmann’s exhibition stand (Hall A3, Stand 280).


Strom direkt aus der Sonne: Neben den leistungsstarken Photovoltaikmodulen Vitovolt 300 sind perfekt aufeinander abgestimmte Systemkomponenten die beste Voraussetzung für höchste Erträge.