Viessmann Energy Community: Heat, electricity and mobility become one!

Flat rate now also for systems with a fuel cell heating device 

Independence from rising electricity prices, fossil fuels and large energy suppliers – the dream of many homeowners is now becoming reality. Private electricity producers and consumers join forces in the ViShare Energy Community to become a smart network that collectively uses collectively generated sustainable electricity. At the same time, each member contributes personally to energy transition and climate protection. ViShare is the first community to also offer Vitovalor fuel cell heating device operators the opportunity to become a member – and do so at individual, fixed rates.

ViShare flat rate for Vitovalor

Operators of a Viessmann fuel cell heating device receive their monthly ViShare contribution together with a 20 percent buffer for additional consumption, as well as guaranteed electricity production – the guaranteed return. If electricity procured from the Community is reduced by 20 percent, Vitovalor operators, too, receive an energy savings bonus.

Now also charging current for electric vehicles

Heat, electricity and mobility become one! In addition to the range of services so far, ViShare customers can now also get electricity for their electric vehicle’s home charging station from the Community. Here a variable mileage flat rate is taken into account in the ViShare contribution.

The ViShare principle: no self-generated kWh is lost

ViShare members can use 100% of their self-generated energy, for example from a Vitovalor fuel cell heating device or a Vitovolt photovoltaic system. If more power is generated than can be used or stored on site, the surplus electricity flows into the Community's electricity pool. This means no kWh is lost.

Each producer can later retrieve from the electricity pool the same amount that he or she has fed in. Each member also receives any electricity that is additionally needed from the Community. That electricity is invoiced through the individual ViShare rate model.

If at some point, ViShare members need more electricity than they produce collectively at the time, Viessmann securely covers this additional demand with dedicated decentralized CO2-neutral power plants – for example, solar parks.

ViShare rates: green electricity at a bargain price

Homeowners can choose between two ViShare rates: a classic electricity rate with Viessmann bonus or a flat rate with up to 0 euros electricity cost per month.

As owners of a Viessmann electricity product, ViShare members set the bar for efficient resource use. Discounted green electricity – for Vitocal heat pumps and the entire household – is their reward for this efficiency. A requirement for the bonus is ownership or purchase of at least one Viessmann electricity product, such as a Vitocal heat pump, Vitoplanar electrical heating system, Vitotherm electrical DHW system, Vitovolt photovoltaic system, Vitovalor fuel cell heating device or Vitocharge electricity storage system.

Community members with ViShare flat rate pay an individual and fair monthly contribution. With appropriate energy systems, members can even remove their electricity costs entirely or earn money with the system by feeding into the grid. The calculation is based on the output values of your industrial solution (location) and your expected energy demand. ViShare flat rate requires ownership of a photovoltaic system and an electricity storage system. During modernization, one of these two products or an added heat pump, if applicable, must be newly purchased from Viessmann. In new buildings, all plant components must be Viessmann products or system components.

Your individual ViShare contribution in just a few steps

The ViShare rate calculator ( provides anyone interested with an online tool that is easy to operate, calculates the individual monthly ViShare contribution based on just a few entries and also leads to signing a contract.

Advantages for members

  • ViShare members are part of a smart energy community, supply their energy needs 100% from renewable energy and thus become independent of large-scale power plants that use fossil fuels.
  • With ViShare, self-generated energy is always available exactly when you need it, even at peak consumption times.
  • Electricity and heat hand in hand – reliable products meet reliable electricity rates
  • Energy via flat rate – an individual and flexibly adjustable flat rate without hidden costs and with a buffer for additional consumption, sunshine warranty and energy saving bonus
  • With the flat rate contribution, ViShare members feel the cost savings immediately after system start-up – different from using utilities
  • Full transparency of all energy flows through simple monitoring as the basis for intelligent energy management


Die Viessmann ViShare Energy Community ist ein Zusammenschluss von stromproduzierenden und -verbrauchenden Haushalten sowie dezentralen, CO2-neutralen Kraftwerken.