New wall-mounted gas boilers, heat pumps, electricity storage systems and digital services from Viessmann

The most important new products in 2020 at a glance

  • New Vitocharge hybrid electricity storage system
  • Time-saving performance of maintenance, error diagnosis and part replacements with the help of the Service Assistant
  • Vitoscada: Innovative cloud-based online monitoring for multivalent energy systems
  • Viessmann Wärme: Conveniently rent a heating system instead of buying one

Allendorf (Eder), May 26, 2020 - This spring, Viessmann is launching a large number of new products, digital services and services on the market. Due to the cancellation of Light + Building in Frankfurt and IFH/Intherm in Nürnberg and the postponement of SHK Essen until late summer, however, there is no opportunity to present these new products to a wide audience in a timely manner. For this reason, everything that Viessmann would have liked to share with its partners from the trade at these trade fairs can be found here in condensed form. More comprehensive information on all innovations can be found in the press kit, which can be downloaded here.

Viessmann Integrated Solution Offering expanded with a number of new products

Viessmann has transformed from a manufacturer of heating systems to a solutions provider for the entire living space – both inside and outside the building. The company develops climate and cooling solutions that fill people’s surroundings with the optimal room temperature, warm water, energy and good air quality in a sustainable manner. Viessmann’s Integrated Solution Offering, which combines products and systems through connectivity and seamlessly links platforms to digital services, has now been expanded with a number of new products.

Products and systems

The comprehensive program for heating, cooling and ventilation serves as the foundation. In this area, Viessmann offers products and systems for achieving ideal room conditions, while integrating the appropriate fuel sources for private, commercial and industrial environments. This year’s innovations also include

● Wall-mounted and compact gas boilers from the new Vitodens 200 generation

These new gas condensing boilers feature a winning combination of exemplary cost-effectiveness, high reliability and consistently high utilization of the condensing process. This creates genuine value for homeowners, specialist installers and craftsmen: simple operation, innovative controls with integrated WLAN for convenient operation via the ViCare app, increased safety thanks to the option of remote maintenance by a selected specialist partner with Vitoguide and – last but not least – high-efficiency, environmentally friendly and reliable gas condensing technology.

● New heat pumps for climate-friendly heating

With modern inverter technology, the new generation of the Vitocal 300-G is one of the most efficient solutions for new buildings and the best choice for replacing older brine/water heat pumps. The cooling circuit with output control adapts the heat output to the home’s current heat demand, resulting in much fewer start/stop cycles and higher efficiency annually than with conventional heat pumps.

● Vacuum tube collector for large-scale solar heating plants

The use of large-scale solar heating plants for local and district heating is rapidly increasing in Germany and neighboring countries. To assist in this process, Viessmann is offering the new Vitosol 200-T Type SPX vacuum tube collector specifically designed for large-scale plants. Under turnkey contracts, Viessmann also offers the realization of complete systems – from planning and construction to commissioning and service.

● Vitocharge, the modular hybrid electricity storage system

Inverters and up to three battery units are combined in a single device, so there’s no need to invest in a separate inverter when purchasing a new energy system. At the same time, the new Vitocharge is so versatile that it can also be used as an alternating current-coupled electricity storage system with an existing photovoltaic system or exclusively as a PV inverter without batteries. The system can be retrofitted with batteries at a later date.

Connectivity and platforms

Connectivity is a major element of the Integrated Solution Offering. Existing systems dating back as far as 2004 can be linked via Vitoconnect, while the new product generation can be linked directly via “Connectivity Inside.” This means that every Viessmann system is upgradeable. All significant applications in the house, whether from Viessmann or a number of other manufacturers, can be intuitively networked through the wibutler platform.

● Platform for the intelligent networking of living spaces

wibutler thus offers precisely the solutions that homeowners are looking for: comfort, safety and energy efficiency. Networking various devices from different manufacturers allows a homeowner to intelligently control their entire home using a single app – from lighting and heating systems to building security systems. All of the Vitodens gas condensing boilers with Optolink interface are now also compatible with wibutler.

● GridBox 2.0: Transparent energy management

The GridBox increases own power consumption through the intelligent control of power generation, storage and consumption. As the central platform for connecting the photovoltaic system, electricity storage system, electric heat generation and the charging station for an electric vehicle, it optimizes energy flows and ensures transparency.

Digital services

Digital services supplement the offered range of products and platforms, and serve to assist users with control and specialist partners with commissioning and servicing systems.

● Service Assistant: maintenance, error diagnosis and part replacements performed in a simple and time-saving manner

The new Service Assistant is a professional tool for the maintenance of heat generators with the new electronics platform. It provides a clear display of “Disruption,” Warning,” “Maintenance,” “Information” and “Status.” Past incidents are listed chronologically. The detailed instructions for exchanging replacement parts are also particularly helpful for specialist partners. Work carried out is documented in the acceptance protocol.

● Vitoscada: Innovative cloud-based online monitoring for multivalent energy systems

The intelligent management of energy flows between generators and consumers is the key to efficiently using various fuel sources. The innovative web solution Vitoscada makes it possible for homeowners and specialist partners to comprehensively and transparently visualize multivalent energy systems down to the level of individual system components.


As the fourth level of the Integrated Solution Offering, Viessmann offers an increasing number of services.

● Viessmann Wärme: Install a modern gas or oil condensing boiler or heat pump without investment costs

Renting a heating system is the alternative to the customary approach of purchasing a boiler. To do so, the homeowner or the landlord of a residential building concludes a contract with Viessmann Wärme and benefits from paying zero investment costs and having a full guarantee for the heat generation system. In addition to the latest generation of gas condensing boilers, Viessmann Wärme now also offers oil condensing boilers and heat pumps.

● ViShare Energy Community from Digital Energy Solutions GmbH & Co. KG

Private power producers join the Viessmann Group’s Energy Community and source affordable 100% green electricity. Electricity, heat and mobility can be generated and used completely sustainably. The ViShare flat rate makes the decision to have your own energy system easier and more predictable than ever before. The contractual partner in the ViShare Energy Community is Digital Energy Solutions GmbH & Co. KG (DES), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Viessmann Group. 


Mit Leistungen von 2,5 bis 32 Kilowatt sind die neuen Gas-Brennwert-Wandgeräte Vitodens 200-W von Viessmann gleichermaßen für Bestands- und Neubauten geeignet.


Die neue Generation der Viessmann Vitocal 300-G im edlen Vitopearlwhite ist dank moderner Inverter-Technologie bei den Sole/Wasser-Wärmepumpen die effizienteste Lösung für den Neubau.


Mit dem Vitosol 200-T (Typ SPX) führt Viessmann einen neuen Vakuum-Röhrenkollektor ein, mit dem sich große Kollektoranlagen in kurzer Zeit realisieren lassen. 


Der neue Viessmann Vitocharge ist alleine als PV-Wechselrichter oder mit bis zu drei Batterie-Einheiten (4/8/12 kWh) als AC-gekoppelter Stromspeicher oder Hybrid-Stromspeicher nutzbar.


Mit den neuen Optimierungsfunktionen der Viessmann GridBox kann der Anwender über das Dashboard Prioritäten für die Nutzung des eigenproduzierten Photovoltaikstroms festlegen.


Der neue Service-Assistent von Viessmann ist ein professionelles Tool für die Wartung von Wärmeerzeugern mit der neuen Elektronik-Plattform. 


Die innovative Weblösung Vitoscada von Viessmann ermöglicht Anlagenbetreibern und  Fachpartnern die umfassende transparente Visualisierung multivalenter Energiesysteme.