Viessmann services for trade partners

System consultant and offer assistant simplify selection, planning and ordering

Specialist heating system installers and planners have more than enough to do even without office work and administrative tasks. Viessmann wants to simplify life for its trade partners and offers a sophisticated range of services in addition to an extensive range of energy systems for all fuel sources. The focus here is on the entire lifecycle of energy systems, from consulting to conception and system monitoring up to service support. Here is what’s new this year:

  • System consultant for quick and transparent system selection based on a few individual input variables.
  • Offer assistant to simplify heating system configuration and guide you comfortably through all necessary steps. The result is a complete, technically validated offer.
  • Vitodesk 300 BIM planning suite for working with BIM (Building Information Modeling) projects.

System consultant: Orientation and easy selection of systems for new and existing buildings

The new system consultant saves time and makes it especially easy when you search for the specific energy system that matches the builder’s requirements from among the variety of different products and solutions. The consultant offers specialist partners fast orientation, and quick and confident selection of systems for each application and each building standard, based on a few individual input variables. These variables include mostly the builder’s particular preferences, such as a high degree of efficiency, balanced cost-benefit ratio or maximum independence from energy suppliers, as well as the specified new building standard. The system consultant generates the appropriate system suggestions from this data and provides important figures for clear decision making. In addition, the suggestions can be individually adjusted. Transfer of the results to the offer assistant enables offers to be created quickly and simplifies the ordering process.

Easy start

To help you get going with different system compositions, Viessmann system solutions have been divided into three categories:

  •  Efficiency
    •  Low investment costs and moderate operating costs
    •  Achieves the minimum requirements of the German Development Bank (KfW) standard
    •  Efficient and attractively-priced system components by Viessmann
  • Balance
    • High degree of independence from electricity or energy suppliers
    • Balance between purchasing cost and reduction of energy costs
  • Premium
    • Innovative and sustainable system technology for sophisticated demands
    • Increase in self-sufficiency rates to reduce the purchase of electricity from the public grid and increase independence from future energy price increases.
    • Solutions for zero energy costs per month for electricity and heat are possible

Simply use it online

The innovative system consultant will be available online from the second quarter of 2019 at:

Advantages for users

  • Pre-configured system recommendations for any application and any building standard
  • Custom systems with the option of individually configuring the system components
  • Transparent system selection and fast offer generation using the offer assistant
  • Energy consultancy, calculation of amortization and dimensioning of products on a single platform

Offer wizard: Online tool for configuring individual heating systems

Poring over price lists, configuring individual accessories and maybe even querying suppliers by email or telephone to clarify technical questions – the new offer assistant significantly reduces this amount of work. The online application simplifies configuration of an individual heating system by providing comfortable user guidance through all required steps. The result is a complete, technically verified offer.

Specialist partners can use the offer assistant to generate their preferred system solutions as individual packages and use these as specifications for calculations in their building trades software, save them as a template for frequently used heating systems or order them directly in the online order system.

Advantages for users

  • Time savings – no searching in printed price lists required
  • Guided heating system configuration
  • Secure technical check of component interactions, system performance and completeness
  • Freely configure individual system packages
  • Various download formats for transfer to building trades software (UGL, GAEB)
  • 24/7 access, independent of office hours
  • Package price advantage
  • Direct order options in the online ordering system
  • Definition of templates for frequently used heating systems
  • Simple adjustment of templates for differing applications
  • Recommendations from the system consultant can be transferred directly to the offer assistant (in preparation)

Vitodesk 300 BIM planning suite: 3D planning of heating centers

It is already obligatory in Denmark, Finland and Norway, as well as many other countries, and will be mandatory in Germany for large federal building projects starting in 2020: Building Information Modeling (BIM) digitally monitors planning, construction and operation of structures. The new Vitodesk 300 BIM planning suite software tool lets building services planners participate in BIM projects. Apart from advantages in procurement, they will also benefit from a lower planning effort and much more efficient execution.

Extensive support with new building manager

Using the standardized IFC interface, the Vitodesk 300 BIM planning suite building manager imports all building sections, floors, rooms and room components, including room temperatures and adjacent temperatures, and is used to transfer these entirely automatically to the calculation of heating and cooling loads or EnEV [German Energy Saving Regulation]. The results can then be used to design heat generators, perform piping calculations for heating, drinking water, waste water and gas, and scale radiators and surface heating systems. As a result of this process, the software generates 3D models and provides settings for automatic flow balancing and detailed parts lists. After the design has been prepared, the results can be output via the IFC interface for importing into the BIM building model.

When working with Vitodesk 300 BIM planning suite, specialist partners benefit from the data that are already included in the BIM model. For example, relevant information such as measurements, thermal transmittance values, air change rates and usage profiles are already contained in the digital building model. This makes it easier to calculate heating and cooling loads, especially since much of the work formerly needed for this task consisted of looking for data.

What is BIM?

BIM is a planning method for all trades in which all information relevant to the structure is kept in a central building model where it is accessible to all involved. In this way, a structure can be considered holistically throughout its entire lifecycle – from the concept to construction and maintenance up to demolition that will occur at some point.

BIM helps avoid time-consuming multiple entries and thus redundant data keeping. All steps are executed and documented digitally. Because all trades are networked, any changes can be recorded immediately and transferred to the areas affected. For example, colleagues in the electrical trades automatically learn when laying of piping is changed.

Advantages for users

  • Improved exchange of information between the trades involved in planning
  • Greater productivity during the planning process in terms of cost, deadlines and quality
  • Improved data quality because data is based on a joint database and constantly synchronized
  • Immediate and ongoing availability of all current and relevant data for everyone involved in the project
  • Ongoing data preparation during the entire lifecycle of a structure


Vitodesk 300 BIM planning suite: Fachpartner profitieren bei der Anlagenplanung von den bereits im BIM-Modell enthaltenen Daten; die Produktivität des Planungsprozesses hinsichtlich Kosten, Terminen und Qualität steigt.