Viessmann Wärme: Rent a heating system rather than purchasing one

Worry-free package for homeowners and landlords

A new heating system without major costs, ensuring 10 years of worry-free heating – with the new Viessmann Wärme service, homeowners can rent a new gas heating system rather than purchasing it. There is also the option to include a gas supply as part of a complete worry-free package. Viessmann Wärme users no longer have to worry about their heating and will always have the comfort of a warm home.

Worry-free from just 99 euros per month

Instead of having to shoulder the high investment costs of a new heating system, Viessmann Wärme allows homeowners to pay a transparent monthly fee starting from 99 euros. In return, they receive a highly efficient, climate-friendly Viessmann gas heating system, including full installation, all required additional components – such as piping and an exhaust system – as well as a Vitoconnect box to connect the heating system to the Internet. The service also includes an all-inclusive 10-year warranty, including maintenance and repairs by specialist partners and all chimney-sweeping services.

A choice of three tariffs

Viessmann Wärme customers can choose from three tariffs:

  • Wärme Basic
    The Wärme Basic tariff comprises use of the Viessmann gas heating system as well as all maintenance, repairs and chimney-sweeping services. This tariff starts at 99 euros per month.

  • Wärme Flex
    In addition to the benefits of the Basic tariff, Wärme Flex also includes a natural gas supply with consumption-based charges at a monthly rate from 106 euros. Customers on the Flex tariff benefit from particularly attractive gas prices.

  • Wärme Fix
    The Wärme Fix tariff, from 160 euros per month, includes all benefits of the Flex tariff – but with the gas supply charged at a fixed price up to an individually calculated consumption value. The Fix tariff also requires customers to migrate from a conventional boiler to a condensing model and submit utility bills for the last three years in order to calculate consumption.

The standard contract term for these tariffs is 10 years. Various options are available for the Basic tariff, including terms starting from two years.

Detailed information available online

For more detailed information on Viessmann Wärme, please visit:

Advantages for Viessmann partners Additional attractive offer in your specialist company’s portfolio

  • Free, pre-qualified offers attract new customers
  • Higher sales and less stress through renting systems instead of repairing them
  • Settlement offer reduces the risk of losing customers to competitors
  • Viessmann is your partner throughout – single point of contact for numerous systems
  • Access to attractive marketing materials
  • Sales support in the form of exclusive campaigns and promotions

Advantages for homeowners

  • New heating system without acquisition costs (for homeowners)
  • Low heating costs thanks to modern, highly efficient and climate-friendly heating technology
  • Peace of mind thanks to all-inclusive 10-year warranty
  • Straightforward acquisition and operation thanks to worry-free service
  • Systems can be modernized with little or no investment cost for landlords or surcharges for tenants

Delivery date

The Viessmann Wärme service is available now.


Heizung einfach mieten statt kaufen: Mit Viessmann Wärme kann sich jeder eine moderne und effiziente Heizung sichern – ohne Anschaffungskosten und auf Wunsch inklusive Gaslieferung.