Vitobloc 200 EM-430-SCR: Economical combined heat and power generation in municipal and commercial applications

High-efficiency CHP unit with environmentally-friendly SCR technology

High efficiency, maximum reliability and the lowest possible nitrogen oxide emissions – all provided by the new Vitobloc 200 EM-430-SCR combined heat and power (CHP) generation unit. Yielding an electrical output of 430 kilowatts, the unit is particularly suitable for use in public buildings as well as for energy suppliers, contractors and other industrial and commercial applications.

Modular construction allows the unit to be precisely tailored to requirements

Thanks to its modular construction, the CHP unit can be configured to suit the respective user’s specific requirements. For instance, versions are available with return temperatures from 60 °C to 80 °C. An external exhaust gas heat exchanger can also be installed as an optional extra, providing a further 300 kilowatts of thermal output. This makes it possible to integrate the unit in systems with absorption cooling units. In addition, it can be installed in thermal oil applications – such as to supply heat for ovens in large-scale bakeries. The ability to combine the unit with waste heat boilers rounds off the extensive spectrum of potential applications.

Fulfills requirements of 44th German Federal Emission Control Act

Thanks to its integrated SCR (selective catalytic reduction) system, the Vitobloc 200 EM-430 emits particularly low levels of nitrogen oxide –less than 100 milligrams per standard cubic meter. As a result, the CHP unit not only falls below the current statutory emissions limits but also fulfills the requirements of the 44th German Federal Emission Control Act (BImSchV) even before it enters into force.

Economical operation thanks to high efficiency and long service intervals

An electrical efficiency factor of 39.6 percent and an overall efficiency factor of 90 percent (with external exhaust gas heat exchanger) ensure that the natural gas-powered CHP unit consumes fuel efficiently and incurs low energy costs as a result.

The reliability of all components in the unit also makes a significant contribution to keeping operating costs low. The CHP unit’s robust design ensures a high degree of operational reliability with long maintenance intervals and a long lifespan. Specifically designed for stationary operation, the unit’s motor has a long service life and can go 1,000 operating hours between servicing. In this regard, the comprehensive Viessmann Service – which ranges from commissioning to training and through to a full-service contract – guarantees maximum availability of the CHP unit, ensuring it operates with high efficiency throughout its entire lifespan.

Well-conceived installation concept: position, connect – finished

Every single CHP unit is subjected to comprehensive testing before being delivered as a pre-assembled module, ready for operation. The standard equipment includes, among other things, compensators to isolate noise and vibration in the gas, exhaust gas, hot water and exhaust air connections. This reduces the work required to install the unit to an absolute minimum.

Advantages for trade partners

  • Easy to install thanks to the pre-assembled compact module
  • Comfortably falls below emission limits thanks to SCR system
  • Fast delivery of replacement parts thanks to extensive service network
  • Excellent project planning support and service thanks to regional sales and service network

Advantages for users

  • Low operating costs thanks to high level of efficiency and long service intervals
  • Robust motor with low maintenance requirements
  • Short amortization period thanks to a high electrical efficiency factor through the unit’s entire lifespan
  • Online monitoring via TeleControl and option to perform remote reset shortens reaction times and thereby reduces downtime
  • Rapid delivery of replacement parts thanks to an extensive service network

Technical data

  • Output: 430 kWel, 280 kWth (580 kWth with external exhaust gas heat exchanger)
  • Electrical degree of efficiency: 39.6 %
  • Overall efficiency: 90 %
  • Sound power level: max. 90 dB(A)
  • Length x width x height: 4000 x 1600 x 2000 mm
  • Weight: 7300 kg

Delivery date

The new Vitobloc 200 EM-430-SCR CHP unit will be available from July 2019.


Mit einer elektrischen Leistung von 430 kW ist das neue Viessmann BHKW Vitobloc 200 EM-430 insbesondere für den Einsatz in öffentlichen Einrichtungen sowie für Energieversorger, Kontraktoren, Handel und Gewerbe eine hervorragende Lösung.