Vitobloc 200 ID-1000: New CHP unit with electrical output of 1 MW

Tailor-made solution for industrial and municipal heat and power supplies

The new Vitobloc 200 ID-1000 combined heat and power (CHP) generation unit has been specifically designed for applications in the chemical, food and metal industries as well as municipal utilities. The unit delivers 999 kilowatts of electrical output and 1,069 kilowatts of thermal output. Its high degrees of efficiency and robust components ensure economical and reliable operation.

Modular design for individual requirements

The new CHP unit’s modular design allows it to be adapted to the specific requirements of each customer in terms of its output, system temperatures, fuel (natural gas) and emission control. If desired, high-efficiency systems can be created by combining the unit with a high-temperature heat pump, a mixture cooler and a condensing boiler heat exchanger. An SCR (selective catalytic reduction) system, including an integrated additive day tank and an external additive storage tank, is also available. If desired, the CHP unit can also be supplied as an operational container solution, either with or without an external noise absorption hood.

Optimal fuel utilization thanks to a high degree of efficiency

The combustion motor’s high-grade components – such as a special industrial turbocharger, an optimized air/gas mixture intake line, a flow-optimized gas mixer and a mixture cooler – guarantee the highest possible level of efficiency. Together with the equally highly efficient synchronous generator, the new Vitobloc module achieves a high electrical efficiency factor of up to 42.5 percent and an overall efficiency factor of over 91 percent. This ensures efficient and effective use of fuel and, as a result, keeps energy costs low.

Support available – from planning through to complete service package

Viessmann’s in-house specialists stand ready to assist specialist partners at any time on issues relating to system planning and project development. They can also provide support at any stage of the commissioning process for the Vitobloc 200 ID-1000, such as adjusting the unit according to specific requirements and performing precise parameterization. Various maintenance contracts featuring flexible scope and maintenance intervals ensure that the CHP unit retains its value. The complete service package offers all-round care and support.

Advantages for trade partners

  • Easy to install as all assemblies are easily accessible
  • Pre-assembled components for a short installation time
  • Rapid delivery of replacement parts thanks to an extensive service network
  • Excellent project planning support and service thanks to regional sales and service network

Advantages for users

  • Low operating costs thanks to long service intervals
  • High electrical efficiency factor throughout the unit’s entire lifespan thanks to the high-efficiency motor
  • Short amortization period thanks to high efficiency and low service costs
  • Online monitoring via TeleControl reduces downtime
  • Optional complete solution available from project planning and design through to container integration

Technical data

  • Output: 999 kWel, 1069 kWth
  • Electrical degree of efficiency: 42.5 %
  • Overall efficiency: 91.2 %
  • Sound power level: max. 90 dB(A)
  • Length x width x height: 6,500 x 2,000 x 2,500 mm
  • Weight: 10 t (standard version)

Delivery date

The Vitobloc 200 ID-1000 will be released in 2020.


Das neue Viessmann BHKW Vitobloc 200 ID-1000 mit 1 MW elektrischer Leistung ist besonders für Anwendungen in der Chemie-, Lebensmittel- und Metallindustrie sowie in Kommunen konzipiert.