Vitocal 262-A: Hot water heat pump for retrofitting existing heating systems

New space-saving, wall-mounted version

In an effort to reduce their energy costs and their consumption of gas or oil, many homeowners are considering retrofitting a renewable energy system to their heating system. Vitocal 262-A hot water heat pumps make this especially easy and cost-efficient. Examples of typical applications in homes and smaller businesses include use in basements, laundries, bakeries and server rooms. The new Vitocal 262-A (type T2W) version, designed for wall-mounting, not only saves space, but is also exceptionally flexible as it can be combined with DHW cylinders in a wide range of sizes.

DHW generation with free heat from ambient air

The heat pump uses heat from the outside air or from air recirculated or extracted from rooms. The wall module heats up the content of mono or dual-mode cylinders to temperatures as high as 65°C. Depending on the volume of hot water required, cylinder sizes can go up to 500 liters. By using a dual-mode DHW cylinder, drinking water heated by the heat pump can be reheated efficiently by the boiler, meaning that very little additional fossil fuel needs to be used for DHW generation purposes.

Choice of economy and ecology modes

The heat pump’s control unit ensures maximum hot water comfort at all times. In hybrid mode in conjunction with a boiler, the pump automatically decides, based on previously input energy prices, which heat generator – heat pump or boiler – to use in order to heat drinking water as economically (or, if preferred, as ecologically) as possible.

Special additional benefits: dehumidification of basement rooms

The Vitocal 262-A offers a special additional benefit in air recirculation mode whereby heat from the installation room is used directly for DHW generation before being cooled, dehumidified and released back into the room. The dry, cool air removes humidity from the room, thereby helping to prevent structural damage.

Use photovoltaic electricity to reduce energy costs still further

Homeowners who want to reduce their energy costs still further can also operate the hot water heat pump with electricity from a photovoltaic system. In first-stage operation the heat pump is powered exclusively by solar energy. If necessary, it is possible to progress to a second stage whereby an immersion heater in the boiler is automatically switched on, thereby maximizing the use of the more economical self-generated electricity source for DHW generation. On occasions when solar energy is in plentiful supply (for example, on a sunny winter’s day) the cylinder capacity is heated to a higher temperature than that set by the user, meaning that surplus electricity generated by the photovoltaic system does not have to be fed into the national grid but can be stored and used later to heat water for bathing, showering or cooking.

Easy to transport and assemble

Weighing just 44 kilograms, the new compact-sized, wall-mounted hot-water heat-pump unit is easy to transport. The fact that it is wall-mounted also makes it possible to install the unit where space is tight or in rooms with low ceilings. As the unit comes largely preassembled and with a prefilled cooling circuit, it can be mounted in hardly any time at all.

Three versions of hot water heat pump

With the new wall-mounted Vitocal 262-A (type T2W) version there are now three hot water heat pump options available. Two floorstanding versions with integrated DHW cylinders are already available. Type T2E for mono-mode operation comes with a water capacity of 298 liters. Type T2H is a hybrid device designed for use in combination with an external heat generator. The latter device comes with an integrated coiled tube heat exchanger and a cylinder with a capacity of 291 liters.

Advantages for trade partners

  • Ideal solution for easy combination with existing gas/oil heating systems
  • Space-saving thanks to its compact dimensions and the fact that it is wall-mounted
  • Flexible – can be used in outside-air, recirculated-air or extracted-air mode
  • Can be used to heat mono or dual-mode DHW cylinders with capacities up to 500 liters
  • Can be installed quickly thanks to high degree of preassembly

Advantages for homeowners

  • High degree of hot water comfort with perfectly hygienic drinking water thanks to cylinder temperatures of up to 65°C
  • Reduces consumption of fossil fuels for DHW generation in existing systems, thereby conserving resources
  • Economical and efficient thanks to its use of domestic waste heat
  • Protects building fabric from humidity and mildew by recirculating air
  • Low operating noise (silent mode)
  • Reduces electricity costs by running on self-generated solar power
  • Intuitive operation

Technical data

  • COP: over 3 (in accordance with EN 16147 at A20/W20°C)
  • Length x width x height: 738 x 668 x 481 mm
  • Weight: 44 kg
  • Energy efficiency category: A+

Delivery date

The Vitocal 262-A (type T2W) wall-mounted hot-water heat-pump will be available from April 2019.

March 2019


Das neue Viessmann Wärmepumpen-Wandmodul Vitocal 262-A Typ T2W (rechts) ist zur Kombination mit einem externen Wärmeerzeuger, zum Beispiel Vitodens 300-W (links) und einem bivalenten Speicher-Wassererwärmer Vitocell konzipiert.