Vitocal 300-A Pro: Highly innovative air/water heat pump 

Simultaneous heating and cooling with a high degree of efficiency

Highly efficient simultaneous heating and cooling with climate-friendly natural refrigerant, and uniquely quiet – for anyone looking for an economical and reliable solution to cover larger heating and cooling loads, the highly innovative Vitocal 300-A Pro air/water heat pump is a must. With four output sizes ranging from 79 to 316 kilowatts for heating and 77 to 307 kilowatts for cooling, these mass-produced large heat pumps meet the requirements for large residential buildings, neighborhoods, commerce and industry. Higher output levels of up to 1264 kilowatts (heating) or 1228 kilowatts (cooling) can be achieved by cascading up to four devices.

Combined COP of up to 10

The condensers and evaporators of the new heat pumps work in constant counterflow in both summer and winter. This results in a very high combined COP (coefficient of performance) of 10 (under EN 14511, at A7/W35°C) when heating and cooling. The Vitocal 300-A Pro thus offers the maximum efficiency in its output class by a wide margin as well as particularly low operating costs.

The patented circuitry of the heat exchanger makes it possible to carry out both cooling and heating in parallel during ongoing operation. The optimized air heat exchangers also ensure fewer defrosting operations, thus contributing to the high degree of efficiency.

Environmentally friendly and operationally reliable

The natural refrigerant employed, R290 (propane), features a very low global warming potential (GWP = 3) and is particularly climate-friendly. Less than twelve kilograms of refrigerant is used per cooling circuit in the modular heat pump. In addition, the unique construction of the cooling circuit makes a four-way valve unnecessary. As a result, the reliability is significantly higher than for traditional cooling circuits.

The operational reliability is also increased by precise water measurement by means of a flow meter in the heating and cooling circuit. The Vitocal 300-A Pro additionally features oxygen-impermeable water piping and a lightweight, corrosion-proofed aluminum housing.

Quiet operation thanks to modulation and night mode

Depending on the level of output necessary for the given situation, the modulated operation of the compressor and the fan always keeps the level of sound emission below a low maximum threshold of 69 dB(A). During the evening and at night, an additional reduction of noise by up to 6 dB(A) is possible in night mode.

Proven and reliable technology

The control and operation philosophy of the Vitocal 300-A Pro has been carried over from the proven Vitocal Pro series. The refrigerant cycle diagnostic system (RCD) constantly controls the efficiency of the new device, as well, and ensures reliable functioning at every point of operation in coordination with the electronic expansion valves (EEV) and comprehensive sensor technology.

Control for up to four heating or cooling circuits

The Vitotronic SPS 2.0 can control up to four heating or cooling circuits. The large seven-color touch display makes operation especially simple. It is also possible to control oil/gas boilers in bi/multivalent systems as well as DHW cylinders or fresh water stations. Integration into building management systems can be realized via ModBUS/BACnet or LAN. Internet connectivity also makes it possible to monitor the Vitocal 300-A Pro remotely.

Benefits for trade partners

  • Modular design
  • Weight-optimized aluminum housing with robust coating
  • Operation-ready connection for intrinsically safe primary and secondary pumps
  • Simple service thanks to extractable cooling circuit
  • Inverter dynamically adjusts the output of the compressor according to the necessary heating or cooling output (reduced start-up current and idle current)
  • High and low positions via speed-controlled circulation pump
  • Corrosion-free hydraulics
  • Interfaces: ModBUS, BACnet (optional)
  • Control of oil/gas boilers in bi/multivalent systems (optional)
  • Control of DHW cylinders or fresh water stations (optional)

Benefits for users

  • Low operating coststhanks to high performance coefficients: COP (coefficient of performance) under EN 14511 of up to 4.5/combined COP under EN 14511 of up to 10.0
  • Environmentally friendly natural refrigerant R290
  • Simultaneous heating and cooling functionality
  • Possible to change between cooling/heating functions during operation
  • Up to four cooling or heating circuits (optional)
  • Easy-to-operate Vitotronic controls with cleartext and graphic display
  • Low noise and vibration thanks to low-noise device construction
  • Low sound emission of a maximum of 69 dB(A)
  • Evening/night mode with noise reduction of -3 dB(A)/-6 dB(A)
  • Remote access via internet
  • Smart-grid ready
  • Attractive monolithic design with optional panel cladding

Technical specifications

  • Heat output: 79 to 316 kW (A7/W35), up to 1264 kW (4-unit cascade)
  • Cooling outputs: 77 to 307 kW (W18/A35) up to 1228 kW (4-unit cascade)
  • COP under EN 14511: up to 4.5 (A7/W35)
  • Combined COP: up to 10.0
  • Flow temperature: up to 70°C
  • Dimensions for type AW301.A080-4 (length x width x height): 1994 x 2363 x 2300 mm (+200 mm with foundation)


The Vitocal 300-A Pro air/water heat pump can be ordered starting in August 2020.

March 2020