wibutler pro: Innovative cross-manufacturer smart home platform

Single room control communicates directly with heat pumps

Improving comfort, increasing safety, saving energy and enjoying entertainment couldn't be easier thanks to the wibutler pro smart home platform. Lighting, building security, air-conditioning, shading systems – wibutler pro links smart products from different manufacturers and makes them controllable via an app. New features include demand-driven single room control and direct communication with Vitocal heat pumps.

Automatic energy-saving thanks to demand-driven single room control

The heating system is set to the desired temperature in every single room of the home automatically thanks to wibutler pro. And at the same time, only as much heat is generated as is actually needed. This is because the wireless smart home gateway communicates directly with the Viessmann heat generator and the AC sensors in the rooms to detect the actual heat demand, which ensures maximum heating convenience while helping to cut heating costs.

Compatible with Vitocal heat pumps

The Vitocal 300-G brine/water heat pumps and the Vitocal 200-A and 200-S air/water heat pumps are compatible with wibutler pro currently. Other Viessmann products for connecting to wibutler are in the pipeline.

The existing connection between the Viessmann Cloud and the Viessmann heat generator, which is connected to the Internet via the Vitoconnect Box, is used for the smart home connection with wibutler pro. This means that heat generation and heat distribution are networked with wibutler pro and can be conveniently controlled using the wibutler app, even when mobile. 

Only one app for conveniently controlling every smart device in the home

The wibutler pro smart home gateway is the centerpiece of a smart home. Thanks to multiple wireless standards, like EnOcean, Z-Wave, ZigBee, and Wi-Fi, it is exceptionally compatible. This means that smart home products can be networked with each other, regardless of manufacturer. Accordingly, even devices with different standards and from different sectors can be easily combined with one another and conveniently operated by smartphone or tablet via a single app.

The wibutler app enables the various smart devices in the home to interact meaningfully in fixed scenarios using if-then rules. For example, the roller blind in a room only lowers when the natural light outside falls below a preset value and the lighting switches on at the same time. The possibilities are virtually endless. 

Flexible smart home solution grows with you

The integrated home automation solution with the spirit of an open system is installed by trained specialist partners from the trade. In the process, the wibutler pro smart home gateway networks both technically complex 'professional products' installed by qualified tradesmen and easy-to-install 'DIY products'. Users can source these independently and install them with just a few clicks. The flexible wireless smart home solution grows with you.

Advantages for trade partners

  • Fast installation and start-up-procedure thanks to wireless communication between the components

  • Programming skills not required
  • All necessary installation steps easy and convenient via the wibutler app
  • Expansion of the products and services on offer
  • Modular and extendable for follow-up business
  • Technical support and professional training by wibutler

Advantages for homeowners

  • wibutler pro combines and optimizes single room control, heat distribution and heat generation

  • Great energy savings potential thanks to demand-driven heating control
  • Easy control of room temperatures using a smartphone or tablet
  • Individual weekly schedules using the wibutler app
  • Fault messages go directly to the user's smartphone via the app
  • Option of easy step-by-step expansion with compatible products

Technical data

  • Power supply:                              100 - 240 V AC voltage/50 - 60 Hz

  • Wireless standards/frequencies: EnOcean/868 MHz, Z-Wave/868 MHz, ZigBee/2.4 GHz, Wi-Fi/802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz  
  • Other:                                            Integrated loudspeaker, integrated 8 GB SSD, 1 GB DDR3-RAM, 1 GHz CPU ARMADA 370 ARM v7, 1 x Ethernet-RJ45,
                                                          1 x 3.5 mm stereo output  

Scheduled delivery date

The wibutler pro smart home platform with the integration of Vitocal heat pumps is expected to be on the market from April 2019.

March 2019


wibutler-App zur einfachen Steuerung der Heizungsanlage per Smartphone (li.), die Einbindung und Verwaltung neuer Geräte ist besonders einfach (re.).


Die Smart Home-Plattform wibutler pro verknüpft smarte Produkte verschiedener Hersteller und macht sie über eine App steuerbar.